The new normal need not be boring!  

The situation may be unprecendented but that should not stop us to find means to organize
activities to help businesses. Our virtual platform is designed to help organizations connect
with their customers and organize virtual events. On top of webinars, below are some more applications of our virtual platform. 

Digital natives are too familiar with webinars and livestreams, but since the pandemic, millions have flooded the social media platform that even the baby boomers are not spared from the "webinar exposure".  Webinar invitations may have swamped our inbox as well. In fact the article mentioned that having too much of them made people not wanting to attend webinars anymore.

The author provided tips for organizers/producers on how to prevent viewers from losing interest in webinars. These tips mentioned support the dynamics needed to be in place in a virtual event from the previous post we published on our site.  The author stressed the importance of the speaker and the moderator. The moderator, being the "host" of the event need to be seamless in transitioning from one speaker to another, and witty enough to do a follow through that will involve the e-participants in the discussion. 

Close to home, the article mentioned also about  technology and group interactions as key factors for an effective webinar. Which are many in the global market. But you may want to consider the following in choosing your event technology.

  • CUSTOMIZABILITY - the platform should be able to  integrate with other software including your livestreaming platform.  The mobile app can be personalized to promote the brand, and can accommodate activities for engagement
  • EASY AND SIMPLE - with the participant in mind, virtual event organizers and users should be able to use the app easily without being weighed down by "too many clicks" and features with little value
  • SUPPORT - most event technologies are  self-service allowing organizers to curate content and create activities to boost interest towards the event. However, there are producers/ organizers who prefer to have a technical team on standby. Or a company that can easily provide support. With this you may look for a supplier in close proximity to your city or country 

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