Virtual Event Platform

Customize your virtual event platform for your needs. Ideal for events, brand activation, training and onboarding.

Our event platform is designed with the users in mind. If you are an event organizer, a brand manager, business owner, you can tailor fit the platform to your objective.

Use it to host a virtual or hybrid event. Complement your on-site activation by reaching a wider audience with an online brand engagement. Combine in-person and online interaction to enhance the learning experience of new employees or users. 

Create an engaging digital experience with the platform custom-built for your event! 

Featured Collaboration

2020 Nutriasia Christmas Party 
A Memorable Virtual Event

The spirit of Christmas is still alive amidst the pandemic in 2020. In partnership with Whitelight Events Agency, the stage was set for a different thematic virtual experience for the stakeholders, partners and employees of Nutriasia. 

Creatives and Event Program : Whitelight Events 
Virtual Event Platform : PrismCode

A Virtual Summer Party

This is the second virtual event party we hosted for MSP BEEPO for the year 2022. 

Creatives and Event Program : ProdCamp Events
Virtual Event Platform : PrismCode

Engage and Connect with the Audience!
Features and activities for Virtual Events

Virtual events offer endless possibilities for engagement activities that can leave a great experience on the participants. Games, interactive polls, activity leaderboard can create fun, memorable impression that will keep participants coming back for more.

Unlock the potential of the virtual platform to promote your brand, foster learning and maximize engagement! 

Compilation of Virtual Games:
2021 Nutriasia Christmas Party 

Creatives and Events Management : Whitelight Events
Event Platform : PrismCode

Compilation of Virtual Games:
2022 MicroSourcing Beepo Summer Shindig

Creatives and Events Management : ProdCamp
Event Platform : PrismCode

Create Interest for Lead Generation
Features and activities for Virtual Events

The virtual event platform can be a highly effective way to generate lead and build brand awareness.

You can host a virtual product booth and create a personalized experience to a wider audience. By utilizing features like live chat, video on demand and Q&A box, you can capture valuable information about your existing and potential customers.

Additionally, consider including a downloadable product brochure to leave a lasting impression on visitors. 

360-Walkthrough of a 3D Virtual 
Product / Sponsor Booth
Immerse in an engaging learning experience
Features and activities for Virtual Events

An enjoyable learning environment results to enhanced motivation and retention of information. Whether the objective be brand awareness or academic learning, immersing the customer/learner through gamification, augmented reality or detailed 3D virtual venue can be a unique and memorable way to communicate information. 

With our event platform and collaborative creative approach, you can unlock the potential of immersive engagement! 

Custom Game for Learning

Incorporating games into learning and brand awareness can be both enjoyable and effective. Looking for game ideas? Check our page on marketing games <link>

Adapting to a New Game Dimension

Immerse your customers in a metaverse dimension for a truly imaginative and trailblazing experience! This cutting-edge approach will definitely leave a mark on your customers and learning participants that will set you apart.

Note : Our feasibility work on immersive 3D engagement. . 


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