On what we learned as normal even before the new normal! 

Event technologies have been in existence for more than a decade around the world. These are designed to  enhance attendee engagement during live events complementing the overall theme and program. Now, event technologies will play a more important role as events and activation will be pivoting to virtual - where digital experience is not just something nice to have but a part of life.  

"A virtual event is an online event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location," that is according to Wikipedia. 

The definition encompasses anything online - training, selling, teaching, brand activation, simply that which involves a participant with the browser, phone or computer and what powers the bit. Though it won't be able to match the live experience, for professional event planners, these technologies offer an alternative means to deliver an event to the comfort of the homes of the audience. But what are the ingredients of a virtual event? 

We did our research and we streamlined it to three key components  :  THE PLATFORM, CONTENT AND AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT. 

Virtual Event ecosystem by prism code

In a nutshell...

  1. THE THREE COMPONENTS NEED TO BE TOGETHER - even if we have the most complete event technology we can still experience a  a dramatic decrease in attendance in the middle of the program if the content is not appealing to the audience For the event to be understood, the delivery should be void of any technical glitches.  And yes, the level of engagement makes a virtual event memorable. 

  2. THE VIRTUAL EVENT PLATFORM SHOULD BE ABLE TO SUPPORT THE EVENT JOURNEY -  the system  SHOULD BE ABLE TO INTEGRATE TO DIFFERENT PLATFORM. It should be able to facil;itate an attendee's involvement from registration to post-event assessment. Be able to work with different livestreaming software. Further, it should enable an event organizer to interact to the attendee --- participating in a community chat, running a survey, drawing an e-raffle, or simply pushing a reminder. 

  3. PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE THE TECHNOLOGY - technology will always be an enabler so people can interact with others, especially these days of physical distancing. Technology can deliver the message of a person, allows interaction between users and have fun by e-competing to one another through digital games.  Behind a good virtual event are people interacting using the event platform. The system, then, should be a friend not a burden to use!  


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