Crisis can strengthen relationships, especially those within one's ecosystem. And, that applies to associations and professional organizations. 

An association's ecosystem may consist of the founders, board members, professional staff, members, accredited partners, network of companies and suppliers. All these groups are collaborating so that the association, as an entity, can create value to its members. As we are recenty faced with an unprecendented crisis, there is also the opportunity to strengthen this collaboration to benefit each sector.

What are these opportunities ?

  1. OPPORTUNITY TO PROVIDE RELEVANT CONTENT - FREE AND PAID - correct information, business situationer, industry best practices  - these are relevant content for members. But why also paid content at this time? Revenue generated from paid webinars can be used to sustain the income of the professional staff. 
  2. OPPORTUNITY FOR A RECIPROCATED SUPPORT BETWEEN ASSOCIATION AND SUPPLIERS   - the supplier's business may also be affected by the crisis, however, a little adjustment on payment terms and/or maintaining technical support will help the association breathe a little until it gets back on its feet. The association, on the other hand, can also help the supplier's business by referring their services to its members' employers / companies. 
  3. MILEAGE FOR ACCREDITED PARTNERS AND NETWORK OF COMPANIES - members are potential customers of the association's accredited partners. Providing mileage by including them (logo, promotional assets)  in correspondences to members can be an opportunity for accredited partners to promote their business. 

    Within the context of a society app, how can we create mileage for sponsors / accredited partners and network of companies : 

Sponsored Messages with 
Push Notification

Create an Interactive Q&A and Polling Activities between members and Partners 

Run a Digital Promotional
Game on the App  


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