Associations can stay relevant even during the pandemic. Aided by the society mobile app, an organization can offer activity-based rewards to sustain member participation and, in cooperation with partner companies, provide job opportunities for members. 

Working with professionally managed associations helped us recognize the importance of these types of organizations to the growth of its members. Offering not only professional certifications for career advancement but volunteer work for community building and one's personal growth. 

Even during these challenging times, associations stay connected by sharing correct information and encouragement. Societies can leverage on technology to dessiminate information. Further, mobile applications can also be utilized to sustain engagement on a virtual level. 

Value-add features of a society mobile app a nutshell...

  • TRACKING MEMBERSHIP PARTICIPATION - an application can be used to track participation of members in activities which can include but not limited to attending a virtual activity, participating in a survey, sharing articles, to name  a few. Creating a rewards system based on member's activity can be a good way to keep them involved more especially if the content are extremely relevant and, though secondary, if the prize is exciting! 
  • JOB LISTING  - the society can be of help to its community by providing job opportunities to its members. The economic downturn caused businesses to close resulting to unemployment. In the Philippines alone, based on an article published by CNN on their site, it is estimated by DOLE that there will be 10Mn Filipinos who will lose their jobs this year due to Covid. In this regard, the society can be a channel to connect their members to its network for potential job placement.                            

    And, with the use of the society app, this is how to facilitate a job referral. 

Job Listing

Organizations publish job opening of partner companies on the mobile app for members reference

User View Details

Members can view these details if the qualification matches their competencies


Using the app, the users can  upload their resume and relevant documents required per job detail. 


The document/s uploaded by the members through the society app is then shared to potential employers. The potential employers, then, will coordinate with the applicant. 


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