The meeting of in person and online attendees!

The pandemic has opened the demand for a virtual event delivery format. Now that restrictions
are easing for the events industry, precautions are still in place to ensure safety of attendees of live events.
With this consideration, the need to address the requirements of both the LIVE (IN PERSON) AND
VIRTUAL EVENT FORMATS is important in order to cater to those who are experiencing
virtual event fatigue and those who are not yet ready to be onsite with a crowd. 

Event planners and organizers are preparing themselves for a hybrid experience. The hybrid event, however, requires major budget consideration given the expansion of venue catering both for the live audience and that on the virtual site. 

But why go hybrid? What are factors in favor of this format?


The hybrid format can cater to a wider range of audiences as event organizers and brands are not limited to the attendees confined within the physical event venue. 


Though perceived to be more costly, the inclusion of a different platform to deliver the content provides an opportunity to increased market reach which may translate to better revenue.


When supported with a capable event platform, the hybrid experience can be immersive and interactive for both types of audiences. Digital games, live and virtual polling, photo booth and pop quiz can be introduced in the program.


We researched and read on advices of professional event organizers and we sum those great ideas into the following : 

  • STAY FLEXIBLE - the event industry has weathered so much challenges during the pandemic and staying innovative and creative in both content delivery and budget is a necessity! 
  • HAVE A KILLER CONTENT - the objective is to draw in the crowd be in onsite or virtual. And one of the reasons for them to be intentional in participating is when the CONTENT is RELEVANT, HAS PRODUCTION VALUE AND ENCOURAGES INTERACTION. With this, there is a need to prioritize experience that can apply to both set of audience. 
  • EVENT TECH SUPPORT - the platform should allow organizers to curate and deliver content in both formats. Though nothing beats the experience of a live event, the platform should be able to create a value to the virtual attendees. Enabling them to network and interact so they feel more integrated. 


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