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Activities that can enhance a virtual attendee's journey

"...there ain't no journey what don't change you!" - David Mitchell

The year 2020 is a journey the whole world will never forget. This journey changed the way we live dramatically. Interaction has shifted from physical to virtual. Most industries adapted to the new norm focusing on technology. More than ever, the customer matters in each digital touchpoint! 

Close to home, the event and activation industry has embraced technology to deliver its service. Mapping the virtual event attendee journey, we have identified activities that engage the customer in aide of an online platform. 

In a nutshell...


  • Create a buzz on the registration website - offer an incentive to those who registered first or those who share the online registration link
  • Encourage attendees to download the app before the event  - the mobile app should be ready for download weeks before the actual event to allow attendees to do the following :             [1] Check other attendees profile (for sales prospecting and professional connections)               [2] Create community groups (in-app) to share ideas and interests                                                 [3] Learn more about the event program and read on speaker's bio                                                 [4] Allow attendees to post their questions about the topic to get an idea what their learning expectations are 
  • Send messages with push notification- provide a sneak peek of the event. Share promotional offers of sponsors. 
  • Provide an incentive for each interaction through the app  - reward points to those who chat, create groups, share links and news, etc. These points can be converted to a prize to be awarded after the event. 


  • Live interaction with Speakers through Q&A and Polls 
  • eRaffle 
  • eChallenges - which can involve sponsors for maximum mileage
  • Breakout Sessions  - breaking out attendees to small groups to share their thoughts can be a way for getting to know each other more
  • Digital Games
  • Sponsor's e-Lounge - allow attendees to interact with the sponsor's e-booth


  • Share a feedback form  - you can share an incentive to those who answered first 
  • Attendee-only rewards - from sponsors and organizers
  • Stay connected with the attendees - provide on-demand video or highlight which can be viewed on the event app

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