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Virtual Event

Our new lifestyle may have limited our access to physical gatherings but not our social boundaries. People stay connected and engaged through different channels.

Our Virtual Event platform can serve as an online venue to stage events, activate brand interaction with gamification or set up a virtual learning workshop with knowledge check.  We can work with you to enable a digital event experience! 

About the Virtual Event App

Take Control of the Content

Have the freedom to create and update event details to keep your attendees in the know. The PrismEvents Virtual Solution allows you to interact with your attendees through the dashboard.

Complete Event Tool

Set up the event details and publish on the mobile app.

Run a survey or send a reminder to the user's mobile app inbox before the event date.

To help your speaker prepare for his/her topic, you can allow attendees to send their questions in advance through the app. 

While the event is ongoing, you can push important announcements from sponsors.

Manage polls and questions during interactive Q&A with the speakers, and post the winners of the e-raffle.

Messaging with Push Notification

Attendees can have a dose of reminders, promotional messages from your sponsors and event updates through the mobile app.  And everytime you send these, your attendees will receive a notification on their device.   

Customizable Features

Features can be made available depending on the type of users and nature of the event. Booked attendees can have access to seminar materials which won't be available to guests who haven't reserved their slots. 

Other activities like surveys and community chat groups can be opened to everyone.

Overall, the platform can empower the organizer to set-up features relevant to the event. 


Get round the clock access to attendees information. Payment gateways can be integrated in the mobile app for a complete event booking process. Attendees' records can be tracked and reports are downloadable for reference. 


The Virtual Venue

Creating a theme can add zest to the virtual experience. The virtual venue is a web application designed to host your online activities on event date. 


On-site Venue Design 

The theme can be a recreation of an event venue on your web browser  


Customized  Design

Design your virtual venue  with a theme that suits the event topic 

The Mobile Companion

Bring about customer engagement in all phases of the event journey using the mobile app! Create community chats days before the event. Ask the attendees questions they wish to ask the speakers. Build the momentum by sending a sneak peek through messages with push notification. 

Engage the customers to one another via networking. Provide eChallenges for attendees to interact with one another. Involve sponsors for marketing mileage.
Enable live Q & A and poll to interact with presenters and event organizers. 

Create a survey to gauge attendees' satisfaction.
Extend attendee-only offers from sponsors and organizers.

Mobirise gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app.

Publish your website to a local drive, FTP or host on Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Github Pages. Don't be a hostage to just one platform or service provider.

Just drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

Key Features

The mobile features are custom built for the intended purpose of the event and/or activity in order to provide an updated and  relevant virtual experience to organizers, event attendees and activity participants. 


Know more about event agenda, activities, speaker biography, sponsors and resources. One can conveniently book an event through the mobile device. The app can be integrated to a payment gateway to facilitate cashless transaction.


Integrate surveys and community chats to stay connected. Users / attendees can share their profile to initiate networking with participants of same interests. Want to spice up the experience? Allow participants to earn points and win a prize through eChallenges. 



Different activities are available to reinforce learning through knowledge check, integrated gamified learning, instructional videos and documents


In viewing instructional or promotional videos, users are given an option to conveniently watch content on a mobile phone or the desktop. Links to livestreams or videos on-demand can be integrated to the app for a seamless viewing experience. 


As an event organizer, you can enable e-sharing of the profile of attendees. With this, attendees can be given an opportunity to know more about each other and potentially network even after the event. 


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