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Benefits to the Organization

SELF-SERVICE. The society app comes with a dashboard for organizations to manage content and information to be pushed to all members. As the administrator of the organization, you can easily update content any time you need to!

BRANDING. Your logo can be part of the  mobile app's design and icon. Associations can  extend their brand presence to
your members' digital  touchpoints!


MEMBER TRACKING. Organizations can have a" one view" of a member's involvement and participation. In the same manner, the member can see the list of all the trainings attended and copies of e-certificates on the society app.  

DOCUMENT SHARING. You can share copies of the learning modules to participants through the app. The society app can also be used to e-newsletter to your members to keep them in the know of the organization's activities. 

Key Features of the Society App



Members are given access to events and activities of the organization. The mobile app, which can be available in App Store and Play Store, can be used by users to pay event fees as it can integrate to payment gateways available to the association. 


With all the social media platform available competing for the attention of members, having a channel for focused messaging with push notification increases the likelihood of an app user to receive and read the message. 


Events attendance and activities participated by members booked through the app are kept for reference by the organization and the member. No need to spend extra time on manually tracking records and keeping an attendance file for each event! 


Client in Focus  

CFA Society Philippines 

“With the mobile app, the local society is able to enhance its operational effectiveness and improve member engagement. If a website helps an organization to become global, a mobile application makes an organization remain local, as it resides on the member’s phone. It has been a key catalyst for member satisfaction and delivered increased value to our membership.”

Rizchelle Sampang-Manaog

Program Director, CFA Society Philippines

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