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The situation may be unprecendented but that should not stop us to find means to organize
activities to help businesses. Our virtual platform is designed to help organizations connect
with their customers and organize virtual events. On top of webinars, below are some more applications of our virtual platform. 

Marketing. Brand Activation.

Create an online activation with product detailing. Have a live Q & A with the product proponents. Enjoin users to digital games. Stay connected with the participants though community chats. Send news and messages to their mobile phones. 

Workshops. Learning Activities. 

There may be a lot of learning platform available in the market, but what makes an event platform something worth considerading is how it is designed to primarily engage the users.

Here are activities to support a hosted learning vid or livestream. Using the app,  push messages and / or reminders to the users about the workshop. Share in advance study guide or files to partipants.  While in session, do live polling and  Q&A. Throw in digital games to make learning fun! At the end of the session, do a knowledge check by asking them to answer an assessment or uploading a digital copy of the output. All these, can be supported by the platform! 

Market Survey. Product Launch. Membership App.  

Run a survey or market research using the platform. Create a form and share it to the app users.

To encourage more involvement, a system can be designed to generate points for each activity.  For instance, a user can earn points by participating in a series of survey or studies. Or, by playing a game on the app. 

The system can track these points and users can exchange these points to a voucher for merchant presentation. 

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